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BEST-WAY stencils are single use paper stencils used to
screenprint consecutive numerals and lettering on garments.
All stencils are steel diecut, by an individual operator.


Reverse Numerals
These numbers are a cut out of the actual number, not a stencil. They are used in a place where you want the shirt color to show through in an object such as a football.

Reverse Numerals

Background Numerals
These numbers are sized 1/4 inch larger than the foregrounds. Can be cut in either Kraft or Ultra paper. Print Background color first, then print the foreground numerals on top. 


Background Numerals
Banner Letters
These are letters dye cut out of poly-pro twill. They are applied with heat and then zig-zag stitched. These are used for banners and professional jerseys. 
Banner Letters
Kraft Paper
Costs about 30% less than Ultra. Looks like a brown grocery sack or lunch sack.
Kraft Paper
Ultra II Paper
This paper is a transparent vellum paper.
Ultra II Paper
Full Block or Plain Block
Picture a number 7. A plain block comes straight down, and full block has a block at the bottom called a serif.  

Full Block or Plain Block


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Instructions 1
1. Tear off paper stencil.

Instructions 2
2. Attach to back of screen.

Instructions 3
3. Print.

Instructions 4
4. Remove stencil.

Instructions 5
5. Attach next number.

Instructions 6
6. Repeat.


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